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Brief History of the Shamrock: According to legend, the shamrock was a sacred plant to the Druids of Ireland because its leaves formed a triad, and three was a mystical number in the Celtic religion. St. Patrick used the shamrock in the 5th century to illustrate the doctrine of the Holy Trinity as he introduced Christianity to Ireland.

In the 19th century it became a symbol of rebellion, and anyone wearing it risked death by hanging. It was this period that spawned the phrase "the wearin' o' the green". Today, the shamrock is the most recognized symbol of the Irish, especially on St. Patrick's Day, when all over the world, everyone is Irish for a day!

Be part of the Shamrock tree society and partner with us, donate €10 and we will plant a tree in your name or loved ones in Ireland. If your generosity exceeds this amount, the STS will be grateful.


The Shamrock

The three green leaves of the Shamrock is more than the unofficial symbol of Ireland and one of the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. The Shamrock has held meaning to most of Ireland’s historic cultures. The Druids believed the Shamrock was a sacred plant that could ward off evil. The Celtics believed the Shamrock had mystical properties due to the plant’s three heart-shaped leaves. The Celtics believed three was a sacred number. Some Christians also believed the Shamrock had special meaning- the three leaves representing the Holy Trinity.

Due to the high demand for articles that honour the Irish Shamrock Tree, the Shamrock Tree Society (STS) has produced a special occasion Shamrock certificate. The Shamrock cert’s are for those who care for the environment and looking for a piece of Ireland to associate with in their heart. Whether you need it for yourself or just a gift for a loved one; the shamrock cert will enlighten your life with peace, tranquillity, prosperity and spring your life into a new horizon. looking at the shamrock cert will:

Brighten your day and refreshes

your mind with new ideas

 Impress your clients and friends

 Identify yourself with a better world,

cleaner and greener to live in

 Brush your worries away and replace them with optimism, love and success

 Remember that small island, its

there for you

 There is always a hope in green, life

is never too late

 Be green, be seen

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